On-Site Jewelry Repair

Common repairs include:
Ring sizing, prong repair, clasp replacement, refurbishing, professional cleaning, polishing and rhodium plating, bracelet and chain repair, Super-Fit shanks, remounts, …. more.

On-Site means fast turnaround.

You can feel comfortable knowing your jewelry never leaves our store. Saving you worry and time spent shipping repairs out.

All jewelry repairs are completed on-site in our fully-equipped shop. Our sales staff will examine your piece of jewelry, consult with our experienced craftsmen, if necessary, and explain your options for repair and price quotes.

On-site means safety.

Are you uncomfortable leaving your jewelry for repair? We understand your concern about leaving something with high monetary and sentimental value.

Our family jewelry store has been in business for over 25 years. Most new customers who come in for jewelry repair have been referred by friends or family who have had good experiences with us.

Diamond plotting gives you peace of mind.

Diamond plotting for your peace of mind.

We want you to be completely comfortable.

Like a fingerprint, every diamond is different. When you bring a diamond in for repair, we will show it to you under the microscope and create a plot of the unique internal characteristics of your stone. These characteristics will be shown to you again upon picking up the piece, so you know you are taking back exactly what you left.