Jewelry Education


by Quality Gem on November 10, 2014

Color Everyone knows sapphires are blue. Did you know sapphires also come in a wide range of colors including pink, violet, yellow, orange, purple and green. They can even appear colorless or black.

Fashionably Nickel Free

by Quality Gem on October 17, 2014

What are metal allergies? People who are allergic to certain metals can experience an allergic reaction known as contact dermatitis.  Nickel is one of the most common causes of contact dermatitis,  which is an itchy rash that appears on the skin.  You can develop it at any time in your life.  Some people only experience it in […]

Fire Opal Facts

by Quality Gem on October 10, 2014

What is a Fire Opal? Many people are surprised to know this vibrant orange gemstone is a unique part of the lush world of Opals. Due to their striking, saturated color and faceted cut they don’t resemble the traditional idea of an opal. What makes it an “Opal”? This is typically the first question that […]

Famous Rubies

by Quality Gem on July 10, 2014

The Carmen Lúcia Ruby A spectacular 23.1-carat Burmese ruby, set in a platinum ring with 2 triangular-cut diamonds totaling 2.38 carats. This magnificent ruby was a gift to the Smithsonian and the people of the United States in 2004 from Dr. Peter Buck, in memory of his wife, Carmen Lúcia Buck, who was born in Brazil […]

Famous Emeralds

by Quality Gem on May 9, 2014

Elizabeth Taylor… …received a number of exquisite pieces of emerald jewelry from Richard Burton during their time together. A magnificent emerald and diamond brooch that he gave her as an engagement gift is one of her favorites. For the wedding present he complemented it with a matching emerald and diamond necklace which could be used […]

First Holy Communion Gift Ideas

by Quality Gem on April 23, 2014

Classic Cross In yellow gold, white gold or silver                   Rosary Bracelet Cultured pearls in silver or yellow gold      

Free AMBER Alert Registration

by Quality Gem on April 20, 2014

It’s Diamond Month

by Quality Gem on April 15, 2014

Enjoy these stunning rings from our showcases! Stunning 3 carat elongated cushion solitaire.                                

Featured Gemstone – Spinel

by Quality Gem on February 15, 2014

What is Spinel? That is the question many of our customers ask about the collection of colorful Spinel Gemstones we have in our showcase. Spinel is not a synthetic or imitation stone. It’s a precious gemstone. Where This beautiful gemstone is found in Myanmar (Burma) and Sri Lanka. Spinel crystals are so perfect, in Burma they are said to […]

Symbols of Love

by Quality Gem on February 7, 2014

Valentine’s Day is Friday! Jewelry is a lasting way to show your love. Add a romantic symbol behind the jewelry and you’re Valentine will remember you every time she puts the piece on. The Circle The circle is commonly used to symbolize the meaning of eternity as it has no definitive beginning or end. A […]