Making Your Gold & Platinum Jewelry Look New

by Quality Gem on April 12, 2011

Pink Sapphire Ring
You will be surprised to see what a professional polish and cleaning of your jewelry will do for it’s appearance.

The beauty of gold and platinum has a lot to do with how well it reflects light, and that depends on how well it has been polished. Over time wear causes your jewelry to loose its shine.

It would be our pleasure to professionally clean and polish your gold and platinum jewelry to bring back its natural luster, making it look like it did when you first purchased it!

Between visits to our store you can clean your jewelry with a good commercial jewelry cleaner or use mild dish detergent (such as Ivory liquid) with warm water and a soft brush.

Gold Facts:

  • Gold is RARE – Only three parts out of every billion (0.000000003) in the Earth’s crust is gold.
  • Gold is an element – it cannot be made, it has to be mined from deep within the earth.
  • 14K Gold is 58.5% gold and 41.5% other alloy metals to make it harder and more durable.
  • The alloys give gold its final color, such as yellow, white, pink, and green.

White Gold is Different…

Because gold is naturally yellow, white gold is alloyed with silver colored metals to make it appear white in color. The finished jewelry is then rhodium plated to make it appear bright white. Rhodium is a white metal in the platinum family. Over time the rhodium can wear off giving your jewelry a slight yellowish tint. A professional polish and re-rhodium plating can restore white gold to look like new again.

Platinum Facts:

  • Platinum, like gold, is an element, however it is naturally white.
  • It is 60 times rarer than gold and takes more effort to mine from the ground.
  • Platinum is heavier than gold – a six-inch cube of platinum weighs 169 pounds, about as much as a grown man.
  • Platinum jewelry is usually 90% – 95% pure with a small amount of alloys that are in the platinum family.
  • Platinum is so durable that when scratched it doesn’t loose metal, the metal is merely displaced.
  • Platinum develops a dull steel look called a natural “patina” over time. Some people, especially men, prefer this look to a polished finish.

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Jessie Kryeziu October 15, 2014 at 7:38 am

I am allergic to all metals except or platinum. Can platinum be made to look like gold?

Quality Gem October 22, 2014 at 2:56 pm

Hi Jessie,

Platinum cannot be made to look like gold. Platinum is naturally silver toned in color and is used in it’s pure form in jewelry, which is why it is hypoallergenic. We just posted a blog entry on metal allergies, specifically nickel, which you can view here:

Usually when people are allergic to gold, it’s often not the actual gold, but rather the other metals the gold is alloyed with to make the metal more durable for use in jewelry. We carry some lines of yellow gold jewelry that do not contain any nickel which may work for you.

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